8 Weird Kitchen Gadgets: Useful or Useless?

woman making fresh pasta
Photo: iStock
Whether or not you actually need this stuff, it sure is nifty. We say useful. You?
  1. A Banana Slicer

    We know what you’re thinking: Who the heck can’t slice a banana? But look, this thing cuts five slices per squeeze. You have to admit -- that’s pretty cool. Plus, if you have kids, this means they can make their own breakfasts and snacks, since the dull blade makes it super-safe to use.

    Bananza Banana Slicer, $10, BedBathandBeyond.com

  2. Portable Ice Maker

    Having a party? Going to a party? This little guy amps the drink station up a notch.

    Deluxe Portable Countertop Ice Maker/Dispenser, $170, Haier, Walmart.com

  3. Avocado Scoop

    If you eat avocados all the time, like we do (as in pretty much every other day), this cool gadget is fun and a great way to know you’re getting all the avocado out of its skin. Guac season is upon us, so this guy will be getting a lot of use.

    Chef'n Avocado Slicer, $6, Flexicado, Macys.com

  4. Strawberry Stem Remover

    If you’re making jam, pie, shortcake or just love to eat a big bowl of strawberries, this tool is awesome. It uses a claw mechanism to pull out the stem of the strawberry -- leaving the good stuff behind.

    Chef’N Strawberry Stem Remover, $8, StemGem, Macys.com

  5. Asparagus Peeler

    This utensil not only peels the asparagus for even cooking, but it also snips the tough ends. Did we mention you can also use for green beans and sugar snap peas?

    Asparagus Peeler, $10, Progressive International, Amazon.com

  6. Milk Carton Holder

    This is your saving grace if any of these apply: someone in your household suffers from arthritis, someone in your household is under the age of 10, someone in your household can’t stand condensation, or someone in your household just likes handles. A lot.

    Carton Holder, $7, Amazon.com

  7. Pancake Batter Dispenser

    Have a special griddle you break out every Saturday? This cool tool might make your life a little bit easier.

    Handy Gourmet Pancake Batter Dispenser, $13, Jobar, Target.com

  8. Butter Curler

    So, you’re hosting a fancy dinner or brunch (the holidays perhaps?) and that mother-in-law who’s a stickler for all things formal is coming. Impress her (oh, and your other guests too) with perfectly curled balls of butter.

    Butter Curler with Non-Stick Coating, Westmark, $10, Amazon.com