Unicorn Foods That Taste as Good as They Look

Jump on the Unicorn food trend bandwagon and make unicorn ombre cupcakes!
Photo: Jenna Rae Cakes
This rainbow trend not only looks cute, but tastes pretty awesome too.

This year has proven one thing: food is only as good as it looks on Instagram. The latest food trend to hit the gram? Rainbow, unicorn food. We're already on this bandwagon—and we're convinced you'll be ready to hop on too.


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These bagels are just plain fun. Stuffed with funfetti cream cheese (think frosting), get your sweet on first thing in the AM.


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Unicorn toast has many health benefits thanks to the ingredients that make this dish colorful.


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Made with Blue Majik, a blue-green algae, this latte not only looks beautiful, but packs a super nutritious punch.


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How can you go wrong with unicorn macaron-topped cupcakes?!

Spring Rolls

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The addition of fresh flowers makes these unicorn spring rolls even more magical.

Unicorn Poop

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You heard right––unicorn poop. These rainbow meringues are supposed to mimic what you might think unicorns...well, you know.


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How absolutely adorable (and ridiculously delicious!) does this cake look? BRB, we'll be attempting to recreate this and failing miserably.


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Game changer––even your pasta can be rainbow.


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This porridge looks (almost) too pretty to eat. Plus, it's totally vegan!

Unicorn Dip

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Dip cookies, crackers and fruit into this Funfetti-style dip. You can also make a veggie dip version and still feel healthy while eating the rainbow.