The Top 10 Pinned Pet Halloween Costumes from Pinterest

et pet halloween costume pinterst
Check out these ten Halloween costumes for your cat or dog, straight from Pinterest.

We're all guilty of spending hours on Pinterest... and being obsessed with our pets, so when Pinterest and pets collide on Halloween, it's pretty much (black) magic. From tiny black kitten bats to superheroes and even the house (yes, the house) from Up, here are the top ten pinned pet costumes from Pinterest.

black bat pet halloween costume pinterst

Vampire bats have never been more cuddly than when they're in kitten form. How ridiculously, cute is he?!

up dog halloween costume pinterst

Perfect for the pint-sized pooch, a tissue box-home and balloons will turn Fido into the floating house from Up.

superdog halloween costume pinterst

You pretty much consider your pup Superdog on a daily basis, so why not put him in the costume on Halloween?

et halloween costume pinterst

The obvious choice for a pug, an ET costume is best for the pet owner who prefers minimalist costuming. Towel + pug + bike + hoodie = easiest costume ever.

batcat pet halloween costume pinterst

Who do you prefer? Batcat or Batdog? A choice for either furry friend.

batdog pet halloween costume pinterst

mermaid pet halloween costume pinterst

Wow, Ariel, you look, um, different... A wig and a fashioned shell bra for a dog is guaranteed hours of amusement... for you.

ipug pet halloween costume pinterst

The technically-inclined iPug is the newest gadget to hit the market.

harry potter pet halloween costume pinterst

Read a good book lately? (French bulldog) Harry Potter thinks you should pick up a copy or two of his.

mexican pet halloween costume pinterst

Head south of the border with your favorite poodle for a Mexi-mutt good time.

All images courtesy of Pinterest

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