Simple Tips for Throwing a Modern Mother’s Day Party

Tips and tricks for throwing a laid-back Mother's Day party the modern way.

As we get a little older, Mother's Day tends to take on a new meeting with more of our personal friends starting families and becoming mothers of their own. This year, we're celebrating the new moms in our life, since becoming a mother is a monumental moment in life! To shower them with love, we arranged a little get-together, the modern way.


While mom's love to get pampered and have a moment of quiet, alone time, they also love to show off their beautiful new baby and celebrate the event with friends. Hosting a kid-friendly party is an easy way for new mom friends to re-connect. Just remember, move the breakables up high and use socket protectors!




  • Easy appetizers and munchies for the kiddos
  • Kid-friendly beverages
  • Adult-friendly for those who aren't nursing
  • Plastic cups and plates
  • Cocktail napkins


Step 1: Have a Variety of Drinks Make sure to set your table with tasty beverages that everyone can enjoy. While I always like to provide an option with alcohol, it's nice to have an effervescent option for nursing moms, kids or anyone who doesn't drink alcohol.


Step 2: Keep the Bites Small We kicked off the our laid-back mom-fest with easy appetizers of apple and brie crostinis. Not only are they easy to make, they won't stain the carpet or leave little hands sticky, which means, everyone can enjoy them! Bonus points: Nursing moms will thank you as you can eat them with one hand!


Step 3: Use Non-Breakables Don't forget to bring out the plastic! Tuck the fine china back in the cabinet for this event. Plastic plates, cups and utensils will be your best friend and make it kid-friendly. If a plate gets knocked over, no worries!


At the end of the day, it's all about celebrating your friends and their new chapter in life. Set up some snacks ahead of time, don't fret, and shower your girlfriends with love!



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