Should You Let Your Dog Sleep in Your Bed?

dog sleeping in bed
Photo: Flickr/casanovapacifista
The experts at Rover give us the low-down on sharing your bed with your furry friend.

Dog and human relationships are evolving. Instead of referring to themselves as “dog owners" people increasingly consider themselves “pet parents". Traditional boundaries are shifting. One of those changes? More and more folks let their dogs sleep in bed beside them.

So, is letting your dog into your bed a good idea? What's the best way to go about it? A 21st century pet parent should consider the risks involved, from basic cleanliness to romance problems.

Why We Love Sharing Sleep with Dogs

Not only are you having a sleepover with your best friend every night, they're like a hot water bottle that never cools: perfect for a cold winter night. Those are just two of the enjoyable benefits of your dog sleeping in the bed. The trend is certainly catching on. The AKC cites statistics of where dogs sleep these days:

  • In a crate: 20%
  • Outside their shelter: 4%
  • In a dog bed: 17%
  • Various places indoors: 14%
  • In their owner's bed: 45%

A protective dog also adds a sense of safety. Their proximity can create a real or perceived sense of security when it comes to intruders or unexpected problems in the night. Some dog owners report that the rhythmic breathing of their dog also serves as a sleep agent that helps calm them and whisk them off to dreamland.

Your Dog: Sleep and Obedience Issues

Your dog might be restless and wake you up, sure. But also, you might disturb your dog's sleep. Your movements—rolling over, tossing and turning—during the night may wake the dog as well, and could be linked to their irritability and other temperament issues.

Want to know what's best for you and your dog at bedtime? Read the rest of this piece at Rover.