Sexy Easter Egg Hunt (You Know You Wanna Play!)

dyed easter eggs
Photo: iStock
The Easter Bunny might be for kids, but this Easter egg hunt is definitely for adults. Send your partner on a sexy egg hunt that leads to something a whole lot more satisfying than a chocolate bunny. (Save this one for after your nieces and nephews go home.)

What You Need:
Plastic Easter eggs
Easter candy (optional)

How to Play:
The concept is similar to when you were a kid: Follow the trail of colored eggs to an Easter basket filled with treats. Only in this sexy egg hunt, you're filling those eggs with sexy messages instead of jelly beans to lead your partner to an over-18 Easter surprise.

Now's your chance to let your creativity (and hormones) run wild. So grab five to eight plastic eggs (or more if you're feeling super-creative) and get going. Here are some hot ideas to get you started:

1. The Bunny Hop
Write different bedroom moves on separate pieces of paper and place each one in a plastic egg. Then hide the eggs all over the house and set a time limit. The more eggs your partner adds to his Easter basket before time runs out, the more he gets to enjoy in bed (wink, wink).

2. The Bunny Trail
Place a clue in each egg to create a trail that will eventually lead to a candlelit bathtub or a lingerie-clad you. Each clue should guide your partner to the next egg until s(he) eventually stumbles on the big Easter surprise (that would be you). For a more challenging version, make each clue a question about your (ahem, shared) sexual history that leads to the next clue (e.g., “What's the only article of clothing that Jeremy likes to keep on during the deed?" and if the answer is “His socks," then the next egg would be located in Jeremy's sock drawer).

3. The PG Bunny
If you're not into mixing sex and Easter, here's a sweet game for you. Devise 6 to 10 different clues that on their own may not mean much, but when taken together will help your partner find his surprise (kinda like a puzzle). Get clever with your hiding spots -- the more eggs your sweetie finds, the easier it will be for him to find you. Then surprise him by leading him to a hotel, your favorite restaurant or some other romantic excursion of your devising. No sex required.