The Best Marriage Advice From Moms

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In honor of Mother's Day, we got nine moms to share their best marriage advice. After all, she knows best!

In celebration of Mother's Day, we asked moms to share their best piece of marriage advice. From communication to love to having separate bathrooms, find out the tips these women want their married sons or daughters to know:

Communicate the Right Way
“Don't over-analyze everything. Men and women, in the way they act and think, are different, so read up on this—I suggest Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus. Respect these differences, and you will be respecting one another. The real piece of advice? Dang, it's hard sometimes, and you really can't stop working at it. Communicate! Communicate!" – Sandy B.

Support Each Other
“Be each other's biggest fan, have a bit of fun in everything you do, and be there to support when challenges arise. Make sure you understand where your partner is coming from. Make sure what you say is what you actually mean. Marriage is not a forum for game playing. With discussion and an honest approach, anything can be accomplished." – Andrea F.

“Be your husband's best friend. Be as honest with him as you would be with your best girlfriend. Be supportive and look for ways to have fun." Lynne B.

Accept That You Also Marry Their Family
“There will be times in-laws overstep their boundaries, but you must love your spouse enough to persevere through and figure a way to keep the meddling from causing conflict between the two of you. What counts is the bond you have with one another." – Trudy D.

Choose Love
“Love is a choice you make. Choose to love your spouse every minute of every day even when your spouse is not being very lovable. You too will have moments when you are not being very lovable. Choose to always ask for forgiveness when you should, and always forgive your spouse even before he may realize he needs it." – Dianne H.

Make Your Marriage a Priority
“Don't take for granted that you love each other. Constantly reaffirm your love verbally and through small gestures. Careers and daily life can become very consuming so it's important to remember that your spouse and love for them take top priority." – Gwen S.

Remember Things Won't Always Be Equal
“Try to love one another through all the good and bad times. Marriage is not always a 50/50 deal. There are times it feels more like 90/10, but in the end, try to keep your sense of humor and remember why you fell in love in the first place. Oh, and try to have separate bathrooms if you can!" – Roni D.

Work as a Team
“Take care of and nurture your relationship. It will be difficult at times. As with all marriages, there will be decisions and challenges. Career choices, parenting, differences of opinions on many things (some big and some small) are just a few. Move forward together. I think it's always easier to face these challenges as a team." – Christine P.

Have a Little Faith
“Marry someone who shares the same faith and commitment as you. It is this exact sharing of faith and commitment that gets you through the tough times… and all marriages have tough times! However, working through the tough times is also what brings you closer in later years." – Tricia G.

What marriage advice have you received from your mom or mother figures in your life? Tell us in a comment below!


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