Kitchen Gadgets That Will Change Your Life

kitchen utensils
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Cooking just got a whole lot easier. Upgrade your kitchen with these stylish tools and you'll be slicing and dicing your way to a delicious meal in no time.
  1. Easy Apple Corer

    Photo by Courtesy of the Manufacturer

    No more struggling with a paring knife to remove that apple core; this slick gadget gets rid of the core quickly and easily.

    Apple Corer, $13,

  2. Cupcake Corer

    Photo by Courtesy of the Manufacturer

    Love to make cupcakes with special fillings? This inexpensive tool removes just the center–without making the surrounding cake crumble.

    Cupcake Corer, $7,

  3. Simple Cherry Pitter

    Photo by Courtesy of the Manufacturer

    This handy gadget removes the cherry pit (and locks it away) in one easy step to help keep the mess at bay.

    Cherry Pitter, $13,

  4. Egg-tastic

    Photo by Courtesy of the Manufacturer

    You can separate the whites from the yolks–and slice eggs–with this simple gadget.

    2 ‘n’ 1 Egg Piercer and Separator, $5,

  5. Smart Scrubber

    Photo by Courtesy of the Manufacturer

    This nifty veggie brush has a hard-bristle scrubber for veggies with tough skins (think potatoes) and soft bristles for delicate veggies like mushrooms.

    2 ‘n’ 1 Veggie Brush, $8,

  6. Cut Up

    Photo by Courtesy of Manufacturer/ The Nest

    What does it mean to dice a veggie? This cutting board takes the guesswork out of chopping by offering specific measurements for slicing and dicing.

    Fred The Obsessive Chef Cutting Board, $26,

  7. Perfect Pan

    Photo by Courtesy of the Manufacturer

    Ideal for those sticky no-bake desserts, this pan folds down on all four slides for easy slicing (and removing).

    Collapsible Pan, $12 (8×8) and $15 (9×13),

  8. Super Spritzer

    Photo by Courtesy of Manufacturer/ The Nest

    Spritz olive oil in a pan, dressing on your salad, and vermouth in your martini glass with this fun mister.

    Savora Oil Mister, $25, 

  9. Cookie Press

    Photo by Courtesy of Manufacturer/ The Nest

    Get consistently sized cookies every time with this simple dough dispenser. Simply pour your batter in and squirt discs of dough on a baking sheet.

    Cookie Press with Disk Storage Case, $30,

  10. Garnish Guru

    Photo by Courtesy of the Manufacturer

    This hand gadget makes zesting and garnishing an easy task. Choose from two circular blades, a scoring blade, and the stainless steel grater.

    Ultimate Citrus Tool, $20,

  11. Kernel Wrangler

    This tool will strip ears of corn (cooked or uncooked) without making a mess. You’ll be amazed at how close it cuts.

    Oxo Corn Stripper, $13,

  12. Lid Loosener

    Bottle tops or caps, jar lids, pull tabs…the list goes on and on. Keep this tool on hand for those hard-to-open jobs.

    6-way Opener, $9,

    Now that you've got the tools, try out some delicious recipes!  

  13. Simply Awesome Strainer

    Pop it open when in use and collapse it flat for space-saving storage. The small silicone feet on the bottom give the colander just enough room for drainage.

    Oxo Good Grips Silicone Collapsible Colander, $34,

  14. Blade Organizer

    Perfect for the cook with a growing collection of knives, this wood block has thousands of soft plastic rods that will hold any knife or utensil firmly in place.

    Kapoosh Custom Knife Block, $30,