4 Summer Nail Art Trends You Need to Try

Nail artist Jenna Hipp shares her four nail art trends for summer.

Celebrity beauty expert, Jenna Hipp has launched a new line of eco-friendly nail lacquers, The New Candies, just in time for summer. Coming in eight parfait-perfect shades, these hues have nailed going green. Below, check out four nail art trends you need to try this summer from Jenna Hipp and Nailing Hollywood artist, Whitney Gibson.


3D Polka Dots (Design by Whitney Gibson)

STEP 1: Paint a base color all over nails, such as Jenna Hipp Thin Mint. For the polka dots, select two colors that are in the same color family, one that's light and one that's dark. I used Tres Parfait (a pale lavender) and Violet Eclair (a deep plum).

STEP 2: To create the dots, you can use a dotting tool if you have one available. If not, the tip of the brush that comes with your polish will do the trick as we want this look to have more of a hand-painted vibe anyway.

STEP 3: While dotting, layer the colors by slightly overlapping the dark over the light. This will make the dots appear to pop out, giving them a 3D effect.


Negative Space Rainbow Empire (Design by Jenna Hipp)

STEP 1: Begin by applying a clear base coat and allow it to dry completely. Follow by applying scotch tape to section off a steep, narrow triangle. STEP 2: Choose a handful of fun colors: I used Jenna Hipp Creme de Cantaloupe, Marshmallow Fondant, American Pie, Tres Parait, Thin Mint, and Rose Tart, and filled in the triangles. STEP 3: After the colors have dried completely, remove the tape and finish with a high-shine top coat.


Gold Border Color Block (Design by Jenna Hipp)

STEP 1: Choose a selection of several bold nail colors. I used Tres Parfait, American Pie, Thin Mint, Rose Tart, Marshmallow Fondant, Violet Eclair, Pink Lady Finger, and Creme De Cantaloupe from my new summer nail collection, The New Candies. STEP 2: It's easier than it looks. After base coat, simply paint free-hand all of the different sections. (You can use a marker to draw your lines beforehand, if necessary). Paint each section using a different color on each nail to add variation. Don't worry about precision, just get creative and have fun! STEP 3: After all nails are dry, apply gold striping tape to border each section of color. This will hide any imperfections around the edges and hide any seams.


Go Graphic (Design by Whitney Gibson)

STEP 1: Select 3 contrasting colors. I used Jenna Hipp Creme de Cantaloupe, Thin Mint, and American Pie.

Paint the lightest color all over the nail first and allow to dry completely.

STEP 2: Apply scotch tape at a diagonal towards the middle of your nail and paint the top section. Allow to dry completely and remove tape.

STEP 3: Apply scotch tape at a diagonal in the opposite direction at the top of the nail, and paint the tip using the darkest color. Allow to dry and remove tape. Make sure you layer the colors from light to dark so you're able to get full coverage.

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