If You Root for Opposing Sports Teams, Keep it That Way

football watching
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Are you a Yankees fan while your partner is a Red Sox fan? Maybe one of you likes the Pistons while the other goes for the Bulls. If there's a Cubs and Cardinals division between you then my condolences. However it happens, relationships can occasionally spring up between two opposing sports fans. Maybe the whole opposites attract thing really does have some merit to it. And that's absolutely fine. In fact, it's better than fine. It's actually something you should celebrate.

I've known couples over the years where one of them has caved and switched sides. I absolutely think that's a mistake. I think you should stick to your guns and stoke those flames of rivalry between you. After all, a little competition, especially when the prize is bragging rights, can be a good thing. And it just might keep you from competing in ways that are unhealthy for your relationship.

The key is just to keep it all in perspective. At the end of the day, it's sports, so don't get too riled up about it. A little riled up is fine, that's what's so great about sports. But don't go off the deep end in either victory or defeat. At the end of the day, these are games being played by millionaires who care almost nothing about the team they're on, so celebrate or lament accordingly.

The reason I think it's healthy to root for your rival teams is that, ironically, it bonds you together. Though you're technically rooting against each other, you're actually sharing an identical experience. At the same time. The emotions you feel may be opposite each other depending on the circumstances, but experientially you're doing the exact same thing: you're pulling for your side to win. In that moment, you're of one mind. Who cares if the names on the front of the jerseys are different.

There's a reason that you'll often see old timers at games who are rooting for opposing teams. Because, win or lose, they've been through the wars together. Whoever is winning in that moment doesn't really matter. Well, okay, it matters, but it doesn't matter in terms of the greater scheme of things, of their friendship. Those two have a lifetime of memories of needling each other, of bragging, of lamenting, of everything else you go through while following a team. Trust me, if you're partner is UCLA blue and you're USC red, it's going to be okay. It might be a wild ride, but it will be totally worth it.