How to Hygge Your Life and Home for Fall

Hygge For Fall
Photo: Getty/deiata
Use Denmark’s tried-and-true methods for relaxation this season.

You're probably already familiar with the term “hygge" and its association with wintertime coziness. Last spring, we showed you how to bring those feelings of relaxation and well-being into your home even in the warmer months. And with fall fast approaching, we thought it was due time to start “hygge-ing" your life for the season. Ahead, four tips to get you started.

Pick Up a Relaxing Hobby

If you turned your hobby into a career, that's great—until it's hard to find something you love to do in your downtime. Instead of binge-watching your favorite show on Netflix (we're all guilty), invest as few as 15 minutes a day to try a new relaxing activity, whether that's walking, practicing a new beauty routine or learning to make a new recipe.

Hit the Lights

According to Meik Wiking's The Little Book of Hygge, hygge lighting is both an art form and a science. Fluorescent overhead lighting can make your home feel like an office, so invest in small table lamps or candles to give a softer glow to the room. For night owls, use apps to dim computer brightness at night so you have an easier time falling asleep.

Have a Warm Drink

Tis the season for PSLs and chai teas. Take time in the morning to enjoy a morning latte or warm apple cider.You also can make triple cherry gløgg, a traditional Scandinavian mulled wine, AKA the hygge-est of drinks.

Interact With Nature

You don't have to become fully one with nature (though if you want to, we've got you covered), but taking a few moments to go for a walk every day will help can clear your head. Even if you can only take a quick walk around a local park during your lunch break, studies show that mindfully and purposefully taking in nature can help you reset and feel better for the rest of your day.

Make Time For Loved Ones

It's easy to fall into hostess mode and forget to spend time with your family and friends. Remind yourself that dishes can wait, and spend a few moments relaxing with your loved ones. If you can, plan specific activities—like post-dinner drinks around the fireplace—for the end of your night.