How To Host The Ultimate "Friendsgiving" Gathering

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Founder of Society Social Roxy Te Owens shares her expert tips for hosting Friendsgiving and small-space parties!

While Thanksgiving is a time to gather with family and loved ones to celebrate everything you're thankful for, Friendsgiving is a time to gather your besties to show how much you're thankful for each other, too! Because you're there for each other through thick and thin, friends deserve their own special celebration during this festive season. And Roxy Te Owens, founder and head designer of Society Social, is here to help you make your Friendsgiving fête as stylish as possible! She's got five Friendsgiving tips and ten tips for hosting parties in a small space.


1. Friendsgiving calls for a twist on the menu! Along with the traditional fare, serve a few of your besties' favorite dishes to show them just how grateful you are for their friendship. Even if it's not Thanksgiving themed, it will be perfectly suited for the festive occasion!

friendsgiving tablescape

2. Skip the traditional cornucopia or one vase centerpiece and opt for a trendy take on table decor instead! Bud vase flower arrangements are perfect if you're on a budget! Instead of creating an over the top centerpiece which may require lots of blooms, split one of you bouquets up into little bud vases to place at each place setting.


3. Tip: Leftovers please! Provide little takeout boxes for your guests to pack with their favorite dishes. A simple Kraft box with a handwritten note is an easy DIY!

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4. To save on time, money, and fuss especially for large-scale entertaining- opt for one signature pre-mixed cocktail and serve! Step up the serving in the presentation department to make up for variety. A little here will go a long way!


5. Tip: You don't need to use your parents' fine china to make the feast feel special. Small touches that you don't necessarily incorporate on the daily like bold candlesticks, or wrapped party favors will up the celebratory factor!

Small Space Parties

1. Don't be afraid to move your furniture around, or even remove it from a room to create a space for your specific entertaining needs. Dance party? Lose the coffee table.

2. Free up counter and tabletop space by keeping the décor minimal or go big, but scatter or hang when you can.


3. Opt for serving food on vertical dishes! Food on display can be artful and a platter that takes up less area is perfect for avoiding a cluttered table.

4. Need a beverage station? Fill your sink with ice, display a DIY dink menu in a picture frame, and you'll have an instant beverage station for your guests.

bar cart

5. Looking to skip the beer and wine? Serve up a signature cocktail instead! You'll need less glassware and less space.

6. Don't like going sans sink? Display your beverages on a side table or invest in a bar cart that can serve as a buffet for not only booze, but also food and snacks.

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7. Whip up finger foods for appetizers, or desserts to eliminate the need for additional china and utensils. Dishes piling up can be quite the eyesore for a small kitchen.

8. Invest in multi-purpose furniture: think folding, mobile, and easy to store away!

bar cart

9. A small space can be cozy and intimate, but can warm up pretty fast. Turn down the thermostat just a few degrees lower than normal to accommodate all the bodies at the party!

10. Take the time to dress yourself for the party! The hostess sets the tone for the entire evening so answer the door as sparkly as you expect your evening to be and the guests will follow suit.

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