Enter to Win a Room Refresh From Nate Berkus!

nate berkus
Photo: Nicorette
Partnering with Nicorette, the designer wants to help smokers trying to quit through redesigning trigger areas in their home.

If you're trying to quit smoking, a major factor that could be blocking you that you may not even realize is the very stuff that's in your own home. Designer Nate Berkus has partnered with Nicorette to create a contest to address just that. "It's about the marriage of the design of your home and the desire to smoke in certain areas of your home," says Nate. "As a former smoker, I know that there were places in my house that I would gravitate to, they were like triggers for me." He's been smoke-free for over four years and Nicorette gum was a key tool he used to help him get there.

"I've spent 20 years in design and I really believe that our homes should tell our story. The way that we do that is through the things we have in our homes and the time that we spend there and the choices we make," he says. "One of the choices that I hope people will make this coming year is to refresh their home and start a new chapter without cigarettes."

It's super easy to enter—send a photo of an area in your home that gives you the impulse to light up a cigarette, explain why it makes you want to smoke, what you'd like to see different about it, and why you'd like to quit, and you could win $5,000 to refresh that room. Click here to enter—the contest ends January 31.

nate berkus

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