Beyond the Goldendoodle: 7 Dogs You Should Consider Instead

Corgi dog
Photo: Teddyythecorgi
Want a dog but not loving the idea of the oh-so popular fluffy puppy? Check out these adorable breeds.

We all can agree that fluffy dogs like Labradoodles, Maltipoos and Goldendoodles are absolutely adorable. Not to mention, they are becoming extremely popular and super trendy thanks to dogs like Samson, Hudson and Remi. Yes, they're totally soft, cute, playful and cuddly, but if you're looking for a dog that's got a different look that is just as sweet, goofy and loyal, consider these breeds.

Italian Greyhound

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You might recognize these dogs from TV and Instagram—Kylie Jenner owns four of them. These miniature versions of the notorious racing dog are super agile and make ridiculously cute puppies. Plus, their extremely sweet and loyal nature make them great lap dogs.

Miniature Australian Shepherd

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Those eyes! That speckled fur! Mini Aussies are the rambunctious and athletic tiny versions of the Australian Shepherd. Since they typically don't weigh any more than 10 lbs, you can take these little pipsqueaks with you everywhere you go. PS. Be prepared to be stopped by admirers every five feet.


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Ever wonder why when you see someone on the street walking a Dachshund, they're never walking just one? Because they're so cute–it's impossible to have just one. Trust me I know, I personally have two. They're hilarious, super loyal and will literally get under the covers and snuggle you at night. What's not to love about that?!

Pembroke Welsh Corgi

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With their long, loaf-like bodies, stubby little legs and tenacious personalities, it's no wonder the Pembroke Welsh Corgi has been Queen Elizabeth II's breed of choice for more than 70 years. Corgis find a way into every person's heart that they meet–from their expressive eyes to their fluffy behinds, you'll be smitten in no time.


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Known as the gentle giant, Newfoundlands, or “Newfies" are seriously just one gigantic ball of fur. Bred for water rescue, these dogs are the definition of loyalty. Their dense fur and gigantic body make them a great snuggle partner too.


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If you're looking for an extremely loyal, smart, and easily trained dog, look no further than the Brittany. Bred for bird hunting, these dogs are literally wired to follow your every command and get so much enjoyment out of doing so. Not to mention, they are absolute characters.

Basset Hound

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Basset Hounds are one of the most laid back breeds out there. With their long floppy ears, short legs and deeply expressive eyes, it's impossible to say no to this adorable breed.