8 Couples Workouts You'll Actually Both Enjoy

couple working out together
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Take your relationship to the next level and work out together!

The only thing harder than finding a workout you actually enjoy? Finding a workout you and your partner both enjoy doing. While it might take a bit of trial and error, there are plenty of activities you and your boo can sign up for and return to time after time. Whether the two of you have competitive spirits or prefer getting outdoors in the fresh air, we have a whole slew of ideas.


If you're not a hardcore gym-goer but want to get your fitness on, gearing up for a hike is a great way to start. The wilderness will get your and your partner away from the daily grind and enjoying each other's company. And did we mention the Instagram-worthy photos you'll get thanks to that picturesque view?

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Seasoned climbers make this sport look like a breeze, but you're in for a real arm workout with this activity. Plenty of climbing gyms offer beginners classes where you and boo can learn the basics and then hit the walls. Nothing is more rewarding than picking up a new skill (and potential hobby) together.

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Dance Lessons

Not everyone was born coordinated, but dance lessons can be a fun way to break a sweat regardless of your skill or fitness level. Whether it's hip hop or salsa, there are plenty of styles to choose from to suit both of your tastes. If one of you has the basics down pat, you can choose a style you've both never tried to get that new and exciting experience together. Or, take the lead and teach bae a few moves so you can complete a killer routine together.

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Ice Skating

The typical workout scene isn't for everyone and if you don't enjoy getting your sweat on, a fun, romantic activity like ice skating could be the perfect solution. Skating can be as difficult or as easy as you make it.

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Take your adventure level up a notch with a trip to the mountain. You and your partner can take a ski or snowboard lesson together and enjoy the fresh air on the slopes. It won't even feel like a workout until you break for hot cocoa and realize how sore your legs are. And did we mention all the fun apres-ski festivities you can take part in after a day of skiing?

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Hit the open water on a board that will test your core strength. Paddleboarding provides a fun beach or lake-day activity that allows you to get a total body workout while still enjoying the great outdoors. Because the pastime is currently trending, lots of places offer rentals so you can literally and figuratively dip your toes into the water of the sport.

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Fan of high-intensity interval training? Then you'll love taking your partner to a super sweat-inducing boxing workout. Practicing punch combinations and learning technique is not only rewarding, but a great way to take out the week's stress and just enjoy each other's company.

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If you've tried to no avail to get bae to attend spin class with you, go for a more classic experience: bike riding. Renting bikes at the beach or taking a spin around your neighborhood on the weekend is a low pressure way to break a sweat and really take in your surroundings. There might not be heart-pounding music or a hyped-up instructor, but sometimes a little peaceful exercise is all you need.

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