12 Things That Happen on Every Couple’s Road Trip (in GIFs)

Carpool Karaoke with Jennifer Lopez and James Corden
Warning: Humor ahead.

Life on the open road sounds romantic: windows down, hair rippling in the wind, a stretch of blue skies as far as the eye can see. But the reality isn't always so idyllic. After all, there's no better way to be reminded of someone's quirks—good and bad—than by sharing a very small space for hours or days at a time. For a preview of the road that awaits, we rounded up the scenarios you're likely to encounter along the way. Your best defense against any speed bumps, literal or otherwise, is a generous sense of humor, but there are some car features that can help too. Think: built-in 4G LTE hot spots so you can always get directions, and USB ports to 'always be charging'.

1. When loading up the car, it'll be painfully obvious the two of you followed very different packing lists for the same trip.

2. You'll have a short spat over who gets to play DJ after your guilty music pleasures have your partner singing a different tune...

3. …Until one of you caves and you spend a long stretch along the interstate doing your own rendition of Carpool Karaoke, complete with your finest front-seat moves.

4. Your partner's impossibly high potty standards will be on display when they really, really have to go, but balk at the only nearby options: a gas station bathroom, or the backside of a tree.

5. You'll ignore the GPS (and your partner's protests) on your quest to make a pit stop at the buzzed-about burger chain that, unfortunately, doesn't exist where you live.

6. And then discover that a missed turn resulted in an accidental detour—and more bellyaching from your beloved.

7. You'll wish you'd bought the car with dual-zone climate control once you come to the cold realization that your partner's idea of “keeping cool" is your “arctic conditions."

8. Silly, made-up-on-the-spot car games will become your new secret language.

9. …Until you both eventually give up and decide that sitting in silence is perfectly okay too.

10. Your bae will bear witness to your road rage, which you'll explain away as the other driver's fault because you are, in fact, the best driver to ever get behind the wheel. Obviously.

11. You'll learn how well you work together to solve a problem, be it a flat tire or an overbooked hotel.

12. Yet despite the roadblocks, you'll realize there's no one else you'd rather travel with—followed by the sudden urge to utilize the car's roomy seats like you're back in high school.