Newlyweds Turn Their Generic Brooklyn Kitchen Into a Chic Culinary Space

Brooklyn kitchen
Photo: Sweeten
This is not what you'd expect from a New York City kitchen.

Let's be real, when you a picture a kitchen anywhere in New York City, it's not exactly picturesque—the opposite in fact. But that doesn't mean it can't become it, it just takes some elbow grease, patience and a hardworking contractor. So when a Brooklyn couple came across a gorgeous co-op apartment in Clinton Hill with a dark and dreary kitchen, they were hesitant to move forward with the sale, but in the end decided they could tackle the project with the help of Sweeten, a free service matching homeowners with screened general contractors.

After mulling over various bids and a call with a Sweeten project advisor, they made their decision and the project was underway.


They knocked down walls that separated the kitchen and pantry from the living area to create this open space with a more modern layout. There's still a feeling of separation thanks to the contrast between the black, white and gray tile in the kitchen and the parquet floors in the rest of the home.


They went with dark a rich walnut countertop to coordinate with the floors and a chic white tile for the backsplash.

bult-in spice rack

This kitchen is all about the details: it boasts this convenient built-in spice rack, a wine fridge and a dishwasher (not common in NYC kitchens).

The Sweeten contractor made the most of unused space next to the refridgerator with built-in shelves to displays photos and tchotchkes.