The 5 Best Kosher Wines

kosher wine
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Move over, Manischewitz. This Passover, try one of these Kosher wines.
  1. Dalton Merlot Reserve 2007 ($34)

    About merlot: Soft and smooth, merlot is a consistent crowd-pleasing red wine. In essence, there are two types of merlot: late-harvested merlot, which produces a wine of intense purple color and intense full body, and earlier-harvested merlot, which is lighter in body and alcohol but has more of a red fruit character (think raspberries and strawberries).

    Why this merlot? Dalton Reserve 2007 is a late-harvested merlot with a great, light fruit flavor that’s well-balanced and not too overwhelming -- making it perfect for a large gathering of people with different tastes.

  2. Galil Mountain Cabernet Sauvignon 2009 ($14)

    About cabernet: Cabernet sauvignon is one of the most popular red wines (next to merlot). It’s rich and full-bodied in flavor.

    Why this cabernet? It has a dry, smooth and full flavor with hints of plum and herbs. Plus, it’s a great value at 14 bucks!

  3. Abarbanel Gewurztraminer 2009 ($20)

    About gewurztraminer: This wine can be nice and dry, or the perfect, sweet dessert wine. The pink-skinned grape makes it aromatic and full-bodied.

    Why this gewurztraminer? This bottle is delightful and dry (you don’t want to go too sweet with a crowd) and has a medium-body. Fun fact: Abarbanel Wines are produced by the Abarbanel Family -- the world’s oldest Jewish families who can trace their heritage back to ancient Israel. What’s better than that for Passover?

  4. Barkan Chardonnay Reserve 2007 ($16)

    About chardonnay: It’s probably the most popular white wine in the world because it’s so easy to drink.

    Why this chardonnay? Its hand-picked grapes are grown in vineyards in the Jerusalem corridor. Plus, it’s clean, crisp and a steal!

  5. Hagafen Lake County White Riesling 2010 ($18)

    About Riesling: Riesling comes in different styles ranging from sweet to dry and is one of the only white wines that can hold up to flavorful meat dishes.

    Why this Riesling? Hagafen Lake County White Riesling 2010 has a semi-sweet finish, which is perfect for a wide variety of foods, from entrees to desserts.

    Nestpert: Laura Maniec, master sommelier (the highest accreditation for wine professionals) and beverage consultant for Niko in New York City