An Apple-Infused Cocktail to Welcome Fall

Applejack cocktail
Photo: Inspired Home
Step aside PSL—there's a boozier version of autumn in a cup now.

If you've never heard of applejack before, prepare for your wildest autumn cocktail dreams to come true. This apple-based liquor is America's oldest contribution to the spirit world, and has seen a meteoric rise in popularity the last few years for good reason. If I had to pick a favorite fall cocktail ingredient, this would be it.

Pumpkin spice gets all the love when August starts to wind down and we turn our minds to fall flavors, but to me there's no better indication of early autumn than to see local apples start to appear in markets and fruit stands. If you're lucky enough to live near an orchard, make a point to get there this year—there's really no better way to immerse yourself fully in the season.

Since applejack is a liquor distilled from, you guessed it, apples, it's one of the easiest ways to add an autumnal note to any drink. Apple brandies like Calvados are unarguably smoother and more refined, but don't have the same bold backbone as applejack, which can stand up to the addition of sweeter ingredients, like the orgeat I use in this recipe.

I like to make this cocktail as soon as the first fall apples hit the farmer's market, or better yet, after a visit to a local orchard with a bounty of apples I've picked myself. So throw your coupes in the freezer, grab a bottle of applejack (it's shelved with the apple brandies in most liquor stores), and snag some of fall's best fruit. Send off summer in style, and say hello to the crisp days of fall!

For the recipe, visit The Inspired Home.