7 Amazing Anniversary Date Ideas

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Pop quiz: What are you doing for your anniversary? Dinner? A movie? C’mon, you can do better than that. Try one of these ideas.
  1. Revisit a Special Place

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    Remember your first date at the pizza place (when you got butterflies)? Or your first kiss (the one that happened on the beach)? Revisit a place that means something special to the both of you and recapture the beginnings of your relationship. Take a picture in the same spot you did that day.

  2. Take a Ride in a Hot-Air Balloon

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    Commemorate your relationship with a big to-do, like a hot-air balloon ride. If heights aren’t your thing, try a limo ride around town with champagne, or a VIP dinner for two. If you plan early, you might be able to swing it budget-wise. (Hey, you only live once, right?)
  3. Go 50/50

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    You’re two different people. Show that you understand (and embrace) each other’s differences by coming up with a two-activity date night: You pick something that your spouse has tried to get you to do and that you never have (like seeing that exhibit or trying that restaurant), and he gets to pick something that you’ve always wanted to do but he never has (like seeing the ballet). End the night with something you both love -- like getting an ice cream sundae.
  4. Stay at a Romantic B&B

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    Keep it traditional with a romantic getaway to a bed and breakfast. Find a great option at BedandBreakfast.com (and make sure to check out Groupon Getaways and LivingSocial Escapes for your chance to score a deal).
  5. Go on a Dinner Cruise

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    What’s better than a romantic date? A romantic date on a boat! Plan a dinner cruise by searching locally for a vendor, and say cheers to a great night.

  6. Take a Wine Tour

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    Find a winery and schedule a tour of the vineyard. See how they make the wine and then have a tasting. Most have a cafe or restaurant nearby, where you can end with a nice, romantic meal. Don’t have a winery in your area? Try a local brewery tour instead.

  7. Turn Your House Into a Hotel

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    Have your lives been so jam-packed that it's been hard to focus on each other? Turn your home into an oasis (think: candles, cozy blankets and pillows) and turn off all electronics. Order in your favorite meal, open a bottle of wine and just talk and hang out with no distractions.

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