An Affordable DIY Flower Arrangement for Mom

flower arrangement diy
Carly Cylinder of Flour LA shows us how to DIY a Mother's Day bouquet.

We're always seeking out a DIY gift that mom will love, especially one that's easy on our bank account, so we sought out a go-to arrangement recipe from Carly Cylinder, Creative Director of Flour LA. Using just a glass beer mug (a narrow vase or juice glass also work!), a few locally grown flowers (Cylinder suggests: look for labels such as Whole Trade, Fair Trade, Veriflora Certified), and a little creative juice, you can make a floral arrangement that she's guaranteed to love--and a low cost to you. Here's how you can make Cylinder's vibrant rustic modern floral arrangement:

What You'll Need:

  • 1 bunch tulips
  • 1 bunch anemones (sub ranunculus if not available)
  • 1 bunch dusty miller
  • 1 bunch seeded or silver dollar eucalyptus
  • Glass vase

flower arrangement diy

Prep Step: Prep all the flowers by removing all excess greenery on the stem. You want to remove all of the foliage. Then, cut one-inch off of all of the flowers. (*A fresh trim helps cut flowers absorb more water.)

flower arrangement diy

Step 1: Place the tulips in the vase, each stem angled in so that they start to create a V-shape.

flower arrangement diy

Step 2: Add in the anemones evenly throughout.

Step 3: Place the eucalyptus in clusters on each side so that it slightly drapes over.

flower arrangement diy

Step 4: Place the dusty miller off-center to highlight the flowers. Tip: If the water is dirty, take one hand to gently pull the bouquet to the side, dump out the water and fill with clean water.


Step 5: Using both hands, gently hold the bouquet and lift up and slightly out to spread out the flowers.

flower arrangement diy

Carly Cylinder is the Creative Director of Flour LA and author of The Flour Chef (to be released in 2016).


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