9 Animals on Instagram You Should Follow

Photo: Juniper the Fox
Dogs aren’t the only animals worth following–trust us.
When you take that first bite of your great aunt's fruit cake 😝 #bleh #happyholidays
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Juniper lives with her dog brother, Moose, and two sugar glider sisters, Peach and Petunia, plus a bunch of other rescued animals. Watch her mimic everything her dog brother does!

I hates it. #mondays
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This.Dog.Is.Everything. No really, Wafflenugget the Bernese Mountain Dog is one of the cutest, goofiest dogs on Instagram. She's also a service dog for her owner, Kate, who hilariously narrates Waffle's life.

If only I looked this pretty whilst I slept. #STUNNING! #BRAVO! #shrivelneck
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Tuna, the adorable Chiweenie (Chihuahua/Dachshund) has a serious overbite and an even more serious following. He also travels more than most humans on @thetravelingtuna.

🎃"Oreo, does this couch make me look fat?🛋 Congrats to @jmonkey42 for winning this Monday's caption contest! Check back next Monday for your chance to win! It's Pumpkin's Monday Muse! Ready for a Monday morning Pumpkin challenge? Make up you own caption, post it below and we will pick one and post it today by noon! 🎃🐶💭 Write your caption below and tag a friend or two to challenge them as well! Good luck! 🍀 ##pumpkintheraccoon #raccoon #instagram #instagood #instalike #instadaily #weeklyfluff #love #pet #dog
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This adorable rescued raccoon SWEARS she's a dog. How cute is that?

Sweatpants + Bed = Monday
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This rescue chihuahua is super spunky and totally glam, just like her namesake, Khloe Kardashian.

So glad we got two of the same gift for the kids so that they could each have their own to play with. #Sisters 🎾🎾
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These Golden Retriever sisters are living their best lives with their two moms. Click to see how cute they are, stay for the extremely funny and relevant voice behind these two.

After breakfast we like to stare at each other. #petsquirrel #squirrel #squirrels #squirrellove #squirrellife #squirrelsofig #squirrelsofinstagram #easterngreysquirrel #easterngraysquirrel #ilovesquirrels #petsofinstagram #jillthesquirrel #thisgirlisasquirrel #stare #staringcontest #littlelove #goodmorning #afterbrrakfastfeels
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Yup, Jill is a squirrel. This 4 year old Hurricane Isaac rescue loves to eat, sleep and stare at her owner from her cat perch.

The weekend is over when I say it is.
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Toast, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppymill rescue is a fostering and rescuing advocate. Toast's life is full of glamorous events because let's face it, she's totally spoiled.

"Hello, my name is Barkley and I'm here for my job interview." #iworkhard #forthebacons
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This Frenchie is part class, part sass. I mean, his name is Sir Charles Barkley. Do I need to say more?