8 Extreme Date Night Ideas You Never Thought Of

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Get a little wild with these extreme date night ideas.

There's nothing wrong with grabbing Italian food and alternating between watching action films and romantic comedies, but shaking up your going-out routine with an extreme date night can be the ultimate turn on and the best way to keep your relationship exciting.

--Suelain Moy

  1. Hit the Beach Sans Suit

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    You don't have to head to Cannes or the Caribbean to enjoy the water in your birthday suit. There are many secluded beaches that are clothing optional right here in the US from coast to coast, such as Sandy Hook, New Jersey or Black's Beach in La Jolla, California, where you and your honey can swim in the buff in a safe and discreet place without having an indecent brush with the law. Locals (and hotel concierges) know the quiet, hidden spots. Go for a sexy dip in the water around sunset when you won't risk burning your booty.

  2. Go to the Prom – Again!

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    The prom is wasted on teens, and maybe your own prom night didn't live up to the hype anyway. After all, adults really know have to have more fun, and tend to have a few more bucks to pay for it. So pretend you're going to the prom again, but do it up in style.

    Rock a killer dress and suit. You don't have to spend your paycheck on the looks – a Badgley Mischka rental gown is less than $100 on RenttheRunway.com. Hire a car and driver for the night, but nix the corsage (you hated it when you were 16, why wear it now?). No dry chicken from a catering hall should ever be eaten again when you're in your 20s or 30s. Instead, head to your favorite upscale restaurant and order from the tasting menu, and let that be the start of a night that's full of surprises. Stay up until dawn and watch the sunrise from the shore, a rooftop or any favorite spot. The cheap version of all this? Make out on your parents' couch on a night you know they won't be home. Get to third base. But remember: Senior citizens come home early.

  3. Try Out an Open Mic Night

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    We dare you to go on stage in front of a room full of strangers and tell your most embarrassing or personal secrets. You and your partner might even find out something about one another you hadn't shared before. This is cliff diving and bungee jumping of the emotional kind. No-holds-barred storytelling can be very freeing. Some storytelling events even let you sign up and compete against other participants, but any open mic night at a comedy club or bar will do.

  4. Fly Through the Air

    trapeze class extreme date
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    We don't mean hopping on a flight to some island paradise. We're talking about jumping off a platform – yes, taking a flying trapeze class. There's nothing that says “You can do it, babe!" like giving your partner the confidence to climb up a 22-foot ladder, grab onto a swing and propel into thin air. You'll want to psyche yourself out, but you'll be surprised at how much you can achieve in a short amount of time, and how you'll go from shaking as you climb each rung of the ladder to swinging upside down, all in a matter of a couple of hours. Like marriage, no experience is required.

  5. Dine in the Dark

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    Remember the first time you laid eyes on your love or even your favorite plate of pasta? (It's okay to admit that they were both just as good.) Tasting and touching in a pitch-black room can be another eye-opening opportunity and just as delicious. A number of restaurants around the country invite you to eat using your other senses. At Opaque restaurant, with several locations across the US, mystery entrées, appetizers and desserts are served in a dark dining area after you order off the menu in a lit room. You can pull the curtains and turn off the lights in your own home to recreate a blacked-out dining experience and feed each other for a hands-on meal.

  6. Go to a Burlesque Show

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    Want to learn how to be the ultimate tease? Just go to a burlesque show. Those performers know seduction. With costumes using barely there feathers, tassels and glitter, stage names like Legs Malone, and acts that combine acrobatic feats with dance, wit, comedy and entertaining props, you'll see a show you won't soon forget, not to mention pick up some tips to recreate your own Moulin Rouge at home. Burlesque shows are easy to find in or near major cities. For example, on the East Coast, Wasabassco Burlesque bills itself as a traveling show with couples-friendly entertainment. For a '50s, Bourbon Street vibe, there's Bustout Burlesque in New Orleans.

  7. Set Up a Boudoir Photo Shoot

    boudoir photo shoot date
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    For your eyes only – and your photographer. Take a cue from many brides-to-be who are taking it off in front of the camera as a gift to their significant others. But instead, you and your partner can bare it all together in a professional photo session that will artistically show off all your assets. Don't have the extra cash to spend on a pro to light and take pretty pics of the goods? Just select the most flattering filters on your cell phone camera and strike a pose for a couple sexy selfies you won't be sharing.

  8. Paint With Your Bodies

    body painting extreme date
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    This idea gives body art an entirely different meaning, and you don't have to be an art-school grad to make this abstract masterpiece. All you need are open minds and experimental attitudes. Why? You'll slather nontoxic paint all over your naked bodies and roll around on a canvas or sheet, using every inch of it to capture your movements. Paint splatters never looked (or felt) so good, and when you hang your art at home, you can keep the names of the mystery artists a secret – or not! But use paints that are easily washed off and also put down a tarp, or you could unintentionally redecorate your house or apartment. You can get this Love is Art kit that comes with everything you need to get colorful.