5 Mother’s Day Gifts for Her Chic Home

Get mom a gift she'll love forever--for her home!

We can never ever say "thank you" enough to our moms (they put up with us through our angst-y teen years) for their unconditional love. With Mother's Day around the bend, we wanted to put together a list of sweet gifts she'll love. Here are five ways to show your mom some love while updating her space.


1. Hanging Memories

The modern day photo album is now just a click away and easily accessible and personalizable with all of the great photo book companies out there. For us, we can't get enough of Artifact Uprising and all of the great ways you can turn those photos of yours into pieces of art. You can take those fond memories of that mother/daughter trip you and your mom took last summer and create a beautiful coffee table book or choose one and create a high quality print hung from a gorgeous piece of Colorado beetle pine.

Photo: @artifactuprising


2. Reading Pillow

The prints that Amelie Mancini creates are bold, beautiful and make great conversation pieces. Her pillows would be a great accent for that chair your well-read mom likes to read (or nap) in for hours.

Photo: @ameliemancini


3. Colorful Cotton Quilts

These wonderfully colorful quilts from Lisa Corti would make any mom happy- just look at how bright and poppy they are! Suggest adding them to the foot of her bed or draped on the back of the couch for that punch of color.

Photo: @collyersmansion


4. Pastel Pottery

Brooklyn based ceramics line, Clam Lab, designed by Clair Catillaz never ceases to make us swoon and we have a feeling your mom would feel the same. These perfect pastel tumblers will make a perfect home for the windowsill herb garden you want to help your mom start.

Photo: @theprimaryessentials


5. Creative Cards

Sometimes the perfect gift for mom is a beautiful card with a sweet hand written message. Rifle Paper Co. is the perfect go to for the cards that pack a little more punch and look like a piece of art. Any of their beautiful offerings will make that refrigerator art your mother has going into a classy curated gallery show.

Photo: @riflepaperco


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