4 Tips for Celebrating Mother’s Day (Without the Drama!)

Shutterstock/The Nest
Photo: Shutterstock/The Nest

In my family, the holidays always come with some drama–even Mother's Day. All across our community boards Nesties are turning to each other for advice on how to get through the upcoming weekend. Thanks to everyone's advice, we can pin-point a few ways to get through some specific Mother's Day “situations" in a calm, cool and collected way. Like:

  • Remember to compromise with your siblings (and even your hubby or wife) when it comes to making plans for Sunday.
  • Even if you grew up focusing Mother's Day around your grandmother, don't forget that your mom would love the day to be about her too!
  • If your father doesn't seem enthusiastic about the day, remind him how important it is to celebrate this holiday for moms because next month it will be just as important to you to celebrate Father's Day!
  • Don't forget that this is just one day out of the year – your mom should be celebrated in some way every day! The day isn't about you, it's about her – so make her feel uber special and loved!

Are you running into other Mother's Day hurdles? Head to our community board for some friendly advice and fabulous words-of-wisdom from other Nesties (or share your best tips in the comments section)!