25 Sweet Ways to Celebrate Your Wedding Anniversary

couple eating outside sunset
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Your anniversary comes only once a year, so make it special! Below, see 25 unique ways to celebrate the day from morning to night:

Around Town

  1. Go to an open house in your dream neighborhood and plan how you'd decorate it.
  2. Play tourist for the day and explore your city.
  3. Stay in a fancy hotel for the night and get the honeymoon suite.
  4. Take a class together and learn something new.
  5. Volunteer together.

At Home

  1. Pop some popcorn, pour some wine, and cuddle up on the couch watching your wedding video.
  2. Break out the fine china you got from your registry and use it for every meal that day.
  3. Plant the same type of flowers you used for your wedding in your garden.
  4. Have a party and invite all the people who are important to your relationship.
  5. Swap the wedding pictures you have in frames with other favorites from that day.


  1. Take a road trip and Instagram your adventures along the way.
  2. Go wine tasting and bring back some bottles to open for future anniversaries.
  3. Splurge and take that big trip you've always wanted to go on.
  4. Head back to your honeymoon destination and re-live your favorite activities.
  5. Search for the cheapest ticket from the airport closest to you and go on a last-minute trip.


  1. Hire a personal chef (try Kitchit or Hire a Chef) to whip up the dish you served at your reception.
  2. If your wedding venue was a restaurant, book a table for dinner in the room you had your first dance.
  3. Restaurant hop to your favorite former date places for each course.
  4. Have a romantic picnic under the stars.
  5. Do a Chopped-style competition where each of you give the other a set of ingredients they have to use to make a course.


  1. Write your story as a fairytale and turn it into a book.
  2. Print your marriage certificate onto a pillow. (Instructions)
  3. Create a wall print with the lyrics to your song.
  4. Write a good old-fashioned love letter.
  5. Make an old-school mix-tape type of playlist of your favorite songs.

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