10 Rooms From Pinterest With an Elegant Equestrian Touch

horse decor
See photos of ten rooms from Pinterest that are equestrian inspired and just in time for the Kentucky Derby.

With the Kentucky Derby just around the bend, we're eyeing different decor ways to incorporate an equestrian theme into the home. It's timeless, slightly masculine and utterly chic. From stone gray walls to rich leather accents and elegant finishing touches, here are ten inspired rooms from Pinterest with an eye on the winner's circle.

saddle and grey walls

Nothing says equestrian elegance like a matte smoky gray wall and herringbone birch floors. Even if you don't store a saddle and riding gear at home, take a cue from this room that silvery grays and organic neutrals look incredible when paired together and accented with dark leather.

Photo via Pinterest

regency dresser

An equine touch can be done up in a very modern, feminine way. Stick to creams, whites, blues and golds in curvaceous lines for a ladylike touch. We particularly love this Hollywood Regency dresser who's drawer pulls resemble golden horse bits.

Photo via Pinterest

stripe chairs

You get it, we like bar carts but this one in chrome creates a more contemporary feel. Take a cue from wild zebra and stay within a black and white palette for a clean cut feel.

Photo via Pinterest

grey chairs painting

Obviously, art is an easy one-step route to creating a theme at home. An equine painting with an Old World feel gives this traditional room a feeling of grandeur.

Photo via Pinterest

pink pouf

Color doesn't have to be removed from the equation -- mix in vibrant textiles with your leather and rough hewn furniture for a sunny disposition. We love the use of two old saddles within the room for a straight-from-the-stable feel.

Photo via Pinterest

horse paining white room

All-white rooms are truly chic. This modern one keeps a stark feel while the horse painting brings an element of warmth.

Photo via Pinterst

horse wallpaper

Love those four legged friends to the ends of the Earth? Plaster them all over with horse printed paper. Just remember to keep the other interior elements fairly tame when using bold wallpaper.

Photo via Pinterest

barn door

A rustic vibe is brought into the home with a reclaimed barn door that serves as a unique interior option.

Photo via Pinterest

cathedral ceiling

Printed pillows, horse heads and fox hunting accoutrements act as subtle accents to this cozy nook. Try dark lacquered walls in a near black hue for dramatic effect.

Photo via Pinterest

sunken living room

Masculine and contemporary, this concrete-walled sunken living room is transformed into an inviting space thanks to faux fur throws and raw wooden elements.

Photo via Pinterest


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